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Student’s Reviews

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“I moved to Gran Canaria after a year of learning Spanish in one of the best schools in Warsaw. Now, after only 2 months I've made such a huuuuge progress! So much bigger than after one year with other teachers. If you have doubts and thinking, maybe I will find something cheaper... Believe me, lessons with “La Casita” are worth it! After all, you want to learn, enjoy, get to know the culture and meet new people - Laura can guarantee you all of that!”

Martyna M.Poland

“I went to Gran Canaria for a couple of weeks and I wanted to improve my Spanish in order to handle daily situations like shopping, restaurant, visits and so on. Laura was the perfect teacher! She really focuses on the needs of her students and has a very practical and fun approach. Apart from this, "La casita de Laura" has a great community and one can join different events, like cooking paella, karaoke or hiking. It's not just language learning, it's a full experience that I can highly recommend! ¡Hasta luego, Laura!”

Tom S.Germany

“I took two months of classes with Laura and it was very exciting, colorful and all in all just wonderful. We laughed a lot togehter and if you get to know Laura and start learning with her, it is much more than a regular spanish class. Learning spanish with Laura doesn't stop after class. She invited my classmates and me to many events and I got to know many people muy agradable!
With her way of explaining things in a fresh and easy way I really not felt like in class or something. If you also can't stand standard teaching methods like me and if you are interested in learning Spanish with a lot of fun and also get to know many aspects about Spanish and Canarian culture you should definitely contact her and her team!
I especially liked the 'reto del español' (Spanish challenge) in the end of each course. I just recognised that it is so much easier for me just to start talking in Spanish. And the last two months it didn't felt like if I put much effort in it. Learning with Laura is like spending leisure time with a friend.
Otra vez, ¡muchas gracias, Laura!
¡Hasta prontito!”

Julia GferrerAustria

“Amazing teacher - amazing person - amazing experience!
I went to “La Casita” Spanish class for one month and it turned out as a great experience!
+ the groups are small enough to get enough direct feedback.
+ the groups are big enough to create a team/group feeling.
+ Laura, my teacher, is an easy going and fun loving person, which makes it easier to feel comfortable in the group and start talking to each other (in Spanish, of course hehe) from the first moment on.
+ the lessons took place in Laura's apartment, which was a great opportunity to see how locals live there and get closer to the culture.
+ Laura chose the topics and the vocabulary we dealt with depending on our situation in life right now - for example, we learned about communication in hostels, supermarkets (very important to get around in Spain) and even Tinder (hehehe), and many more things for our everyday life
+ the focus is on talking, talking, talking... which is the most important thing when learning a new language I would say
+ the level of the class was perfect for me.
+ Laura is taking care that everyone can follow the course and learn a lot.
I recommend taking a program with “La Casita” to everyone who wants to learn Spanish from a local sunshine person. One more thing, which is important to me as well, I could feel that Laura enjoyed it a lot to teach her mother language to people. She was very enthusiastic about that and it was great to be taught by someone who is so passionate about what she is doing.
¡Muchas gracias, Laura!”

Nina E.Austria

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